UE Coaches and Staff

Our coaches are dedicated to improving each athlete's strength and weaknesses.

The coaches at United Elite offer a caring and nurturing environment while encouraging each athlete to reach their full potential. We believe in developing a student both physically and emotionally. Each of our cheerleaders will build self-confidence through our staff’s positive reinforcement.

Coach Carol Wigley

Carol Wigley

Coach / Gym Director

Carol is our Gym director, taking care of all of our day-to-day business. She has almost thirty years of cheer experience and still coaches private lessons.

Coach Eddie Frantom

Eddie Frantom

Head Coach / Cheer Director

Eddie has eighteen years of cheer coaching experience. Prior to that he won multiple NCA National titles as part of his high school cheerleading squad and as part of a competitive team at Cheer Athletics. Eddie is the Head Coach for our Tiny Show team, our Youth Level 2 squad and our Special Needs team. He is assistant coach for the Senior Level 3 team and coaches advanced tumbling classes.

Coach Robert


Head Coach


Coach Norma Solano

Norma Solano

Head Coach

Former gym owner of 17 years (Cheer Techniques, Garland/Rockwall. Thirty-five plus years of coaching experience. Former Cheer Power Head Judge. Experienced choreographer and a personal trainer.

Coach Emily Panchalk

Emily Panchalk

Junior Coach

Emily has been a Junior Coach at United Elite for two years. She coaches Cheer Prep classes and assists with multiple All Star Teams. Emily has been a United Elite competitive cheerleader for eight years and has earned multiple titles in individual All Star competitions.

Coach Chandler Wigley

Chandler Wigley

Junior Coach


Coach Kayla Brewer

Kayla Brewer

Junior Coach


Coach Katie Panchalk

Katie Panchalk

Junior Coach


If you are highly motivated, hardworking, passionate about cheer and want to join our team…

Staff Jennifer Panchalk

Jennifer Panchalk


Staff Angie Miller

Angie Miller